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"Back" to Basics

"Getting back to the basics" across several realms1 is the focus of Bk2Basics.org. At some point in each of our lives, something happens that makes us stop, or at least take pause, to re-evaluate where we are going and why.

Heads Up

Although examination is a good exercise to practice periodically when perusing or peddling any path, many times that "something" is forced into our course without any apparent request from us.

Whether we're looking ahead, or up from a crash, sometimes we need to just stop so that we can see and consider all available options.

Bottoms Up

Maybe the detour is a warning or a "blessing in disguise," or maybe it's just a bump in the road to wake us up or thump our toes. The amazing fact is that no matter which path we're on, when we stop and look around, there is always another direction we can choose to go. Or we can continue in the same direction...

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And Thank you Every Child Ministries who see true treasures.

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1 2B explored: Spirit, Soul, Mind, Heart, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Perspective, POV, Time, Truth, Reality, Illusion

education - knowledge - lessons - teaching - tutoring - awareness - consciousness - insight - recognition
learn - grasp - understand - comprehend - apply - incorporate - embody - put on - exude - exemplify - attain

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